SouthArk Expo Duck Calling Contest


Duck Calling Contest
1st Place ($200 & Trophy)  
Name:  Zach Johnston
2nd Place ($100 & Trophy)  
Name:  Chase Milhollen
3rd Place ($50 & Trophy)  
Name:  Clint Lawrence
1st Place ($200 & Trophy):   
Team Name:   
Members:  Jeremy McGaugh and Clint Lawrence
2nd Place ($100 & Trophy):   
Team Name:  
Members:  Alan Neill and Brad Neill
3rd Place ($50 & Trophy):   
Team Name:  
Members:  Matt Smith and Jay Brown
1st Place (Blind Bag & Trophy):   
Name:  Daniel Simpson
2nd Place (Blind Bag & Trophy):   
Name:  Drake Cook
3rd Place (Blind Bag & Trophy):   
Name:  Jacob Hobbs

Contest Information

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Duck Calling Contest

Cash awards, trophies and gift bags!

Adult, Team and Youth Categories

Individual Adult Winners
Team Winners
Youth Winners
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

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Contest Rules

1.                  Registration will be by official registration form only. 

2.                  Forms should be submitted online or personally delivered to the duck calling contest area. Registration will be from 10a.m.-11:30 a.m. on the south lawn of the El Dorado Conference Center, by the Arkansas 911 Memorial.

3.                  Entry fees are: $25 for adult individual, $40 for teams, or $5 for youth contestants.

4.                  Competition will begin at 1:00 pm at the SouthArk Outdoor Expo, September 13, 2014.  The order will be Youth, Adult, Team.

5.                  This contest is for novice callers only and is not a preliminary to the World Championship Duck Calling Contest.

6.                  To compete in the adult division, contestants must be at least 17 years old on the date of the event.  For the youth division, the contestant must not have reached his/her 17th birthday.  The team calling event is strictly adult.

7.                  Contestants are required to face the audience.

8.                  Any legal pneumatic call may be used.  No electronic equipment of any kind is allowed.

9.                  Contestants will call from a blind for 90 seconds in full view of the audience but concealed from the judges and will be known by number only.  As the contestant takes position in the blind, he/she may request a “warmup” not to exceed 15 seconds.  When the contestant is asked to begin, a timer will be started.  Contestant must make no sound except for calling on stage.  When 10 seconds remain, a flag will go up. At 90 seconds, the flag will be lowered. Failure to complete the call before the flag is lowered will disqualify the contestant from the competition.

10.              Contest will be “Arkansas Style-Meat Calling” in which judging will be based upon contestant's ability to bring in and work a simulated flight of ducks.

11.              1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will receive trophies. All participants will receive a goody bag.

12.               Cash prizes will be awarded for:

Adult Winners: $100 first place, $75 second place, $50 third place

Team Winners: $200 first place, $150 second place, $100 third place

Youth Winners: $ 50 first place, $40 second place, $30 third place

13.              The judges’ decision is final in all matters relating to this contest.

14.              Any conduct unbecoming a sportsman shall result in disqualification.

15.              For more information, contact Dale Smart at 870.864.6561.


View and print complete contest rules.

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